Business description

Name misc
mail address
phone number 050-3698-5690
Business description IT service, software development, creative production (mainly original development)
And tasks and research incidental to them
Business owner 事業主
Hayashizaki Masayuki
Business owner career Currently, I am engaged in a wide range of work such as application development as an IT consultant and programmer.
He started programming by himself at the age of 5, and when he was a junior high school student, he learned graduate-level computer science in an open university course and got a job at Microsoft Co., Ltd. as an intern.
After that, engaged in research and development at NTT DATA Group and major software companies. Later, he ran the company alone, but turned to a sole proprietorship.
Qualifications, etc. Microsoft Partner
Apple Developer
Google Developer
Amazon Developer
Information security audit
Member of Freelance Association