Released iOS application "Deca Character Memo Pad-Kai".

We have released the successor version of the popular Deca Letter Memo Pad, the iOS app "Deca Letter Memo Pad-Kai". A simple and lightweight memo pad with a black and white font and size that is easy to read. It is a notepad that is easy to use and easy to see. Functions such as sorting, memo output, and voice reading are also available. Please try it if you like! ! Developed with Vuetify + Nuxt.js + Cordova Product page

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Easy programming "" released Windows version

We have released the Windows version of "" that can be easily programmed anywhere. I am glad if you can try it. Successor version of ProgLeaf. Easy, anywhere, online programming, with self-study problem collection that is perfect for programming learning Microsoft Store (app) link

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Released the iOS version smartphone app of online programming & learning site "".

We released iOS smartphone application version of online programming & learning "" (lean me). There are still a lot of improvements, but if you like, try it! Android is not supported. * Successor version of ProgLeaf. Click here to download ↓

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The online programming site "" has been opened.

There are two main functions. ■ Online programming → The source code can be shared. → Various programming languages can be used. ■ Online self-learning type programming quiz → If you answer the question correctly, you can immediately judge whether it is correct or incorrect. → We will increase the number of problems at any time. → Ideal for entry into programming contests. We look forward to your feedback. ■ Online programming site "" link Sample source code for each language

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